“Paul Sharits” 13, Yann Beauvais author and editor, les presses du re’el, January 2008 (Available on

Table of Content
7 Figment, yann beauvais PDF LINK
31 Paul Sharits and the Critique of Illusionism: An Introduction, Annette Michelson
35 Information theory and aesthetic perception: objects in your mirror are closer than they appear, Keith Sanborn
47 Paul Sharits, Rosalind Krauss
57 Shadow is the Queen of Colour, Edwin Carels
63 The Artist as Archivist, Bill Brand
71 Art Friend (A Memoir), Józef Robakowski
73 Attention: Light! Technical description, Wieslaw Michalak
77 Interview with Paul Sharits, Jean-Claude Lebensztejn
103 Words per Page, Paul Sharits
113 Chart Of Visual Development / Razor Blades, Paul Sharits
115 Dear Mr. Lebensztejn, Paul Sharits
117 Letter to Marlis Grüterlich, Wallraf-Richartz Museum, Köln, Paul Sharits
121 Hearing : Seeing, Paul Sharits
127 Cinema As Cognition: Introductory Remarks, Paul Sharits
131 Regarding the Frozen Film Frame Series: A Statement for the 5th International Experimental Film Festival, Knokke, December 1974, Paul Sharits
133 Program note for the Whitney Museum of American Art’s New American Film Series, Paul Sharits
135 I Feel Free, Paul Sharits
141 Interview with Paul Sharits, Gary Garrels
153 Post-Expressionism, Paul Sharits
163 My painting (& film) for Galerie A, Paul Sharits
195 Filmography
196 Installations

Articles on Paul Sharits

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